embroidering an eye


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A quick run through of embroidering the face on a cloth doll… I embroider my dolls’ faces after I’ve stuffed the bodies and sewn down the yarn hair. I prefer placing the features after everything else is in place. I use pins to mark spots for eyes and nose, using a tape measure to center on the face. Then I draw the features with a water soluable marker. I use 3 strands of embroidery floss to embroider the … More

Monday to-do’s

I mixed two yarns for this girl’s hair and I LOVE how it turned out. I have two more Kit, Chloe and Louise dolls ready for hair but now I need to hit the yarn store first and see if I can find cute yarn to go with these colors I’d picked out.

I made a sparkly deer. Oh, I love her. She’s so cute and just how I was picturing her. I made her from a tiny glittery tweed … More

baby clothes > > > doll clothes


I can’t believe this only took me an hour. I’ve had a bin of Phoebe’s old baby clothes, and some thrifted items, sitting in my craft room for um, 7? years with the intention of turning them into doll clothes for Phoebe’s dolls. These are not the archived, save-forever baby clothes that are all in storage, nor are these the adorable heartbreakingly tiny infant clothes that I turned into her keepsake baby quilt (man I need new photos of … More

fairy doll with yarn ball buns

To make fairy buns: You need to wind two little balls of yarn for the buns. About 2″ diameter. I start by winding a few loops around my finger one way, then back across the middle the other way until I’ve got a nugget started to work with. Then just wind and wind, evenly around until you have a fat happy round yarn ball. Mine are pretty dense when I’m done. I suggest you keep the tension more tight than … More