too much sweet

japanese candy

japanese candy

handmade toys

I don’t know what happened to us this Summer. We had really kicked it into healthy gear around here last Spring and I thought we’d for sure be able to keep it up all Summer… lots of fresh veggies, eating right out of our garden, lots of home cooking but instead we were super slackers. Our garden was kind of a flop. We got really lazy with cooking. We’re totally back on the chocolate. We need to get this train … More

rainy morning

A nice rainy day can be just the ticket for getting things done. Two weeks into school and I've given up my Summer lovin and am ready for a nice Fall cool down. I want to do some knitting!

and I finally finished my summer blockbuster reading so I'm ready to get back to work. Why didn't anyone tell me The Passage was a series? Very unsatisfying ending!!… More

I’ve got a theme!

Just a week in and school is humming along very nicely. I've had a chance to clear the cobwebs from my brain and have a creative thought or two. I'm working on a new set of embroideries and a quilt design and maybe some new photograph prints on the same theme. Something a little (or a lot!) like this.

handmade doll

Reading and books, very much on my mind right now! I wonder why :)More

a hoppy little giveaway

Phoebe and I spotted another bunny in action. We seem to have the knack. We spotted her trail first.

Then we peeked the cutie herself doling out jelly beans.

This bunny was not as skittish and stopped for hugs and to share her candy.

So friendly in fact that she agreed to let us find her a new home. So it’s a bunny giveaway today! I’d hoped to make 5 of these for the shop by Easter but dang, it’s … More