Oscar’s lego quilt


lego quilt

Alright, let’s celebrate the Oscar! When Rae asked if I wanted to participate in this year’s Celebrate the Boy series on her blog I hopped on board because it’s been about a year that I’ve had a pile of fabric set aside for a lego themed quilt for Oscar and I thought this would be a kick in the pants to get it done.

The boy is no stranger to themed quilts. He started out life driving cars on his … More

GG’s quilt

After surrendering to the pinwheels I settled on rectangles. I love rectangles. We understand each other. They never let me down. Wish I could smuggle myself to Portland along with the quilt and give this cutie baby hugs and kisses in person.

baby quilt

baby quilt

My sewing room is neat and tidy and ready for its next project. School clothes!… More

picnic quilt I can’t bear to take outside

Today, another project from the stack… I finished piecing the picnic quilt I was working on (I think I blogged about this, gingham and kokka strawberries). I had two big pieces of vintage chenille bedspread that I sewed together and used as the backing and then I quilted it with little ties on the gingham. Oh, I love it so. It's an awesome heavy weight and the nubby backing is so great. Very satisfying! It's supposed to be for … More

Phoebe’s baby clothes quilt!

 quilt made from baby clothes

A year or so late, here is Phoebe’s baby clothes quilt. Actually I’m not even going to say it’s late. I’m very proud of myself. We all know how keepsake projects can sort of drag on — burning all the video onto cds, finishing baby books, filling albums, etc. I’m pleased as punch to have finished one of my baby memento projects.

quilt made from baby's clothes

It’s a little willy wonky but not too bad for working with stretchy knits on a 25 year … More

green and pink and black, again

Unbelievable.. it’s a finished project! This one I started back in March. I’m not sure how it won the lottery of which project to start with first but I’m glad it did because once I got going on it (after mulling it for a week or so) it went together in a day and I now have something finished! Nothing more invigorating than finishing something.

This puppy is for Phoebe and it’s in a favorite color scheme of mine, … More