Free Cardigan knitting pattern for Make-Along and Elsa dolls

free doll cardigan knitting pattern

Tiny, cozy sweaters knit for handmade dolls, it doesn’t get much cuter than that! Please enjoy this knitting pattern for a doll cardigan. It is knit in smaller needles with sock yarn to fit Make-Along dolls and bigger needles and DK weight yarn for Elsa. It is a different version than the sweater I replicated from my great grandmother’s pattern which involves a lot of seaming. This one is knit from top down in one piece and sleeves can … More

holiday making & wee wonderfuls patterns

makealong dolls and sweater patterns at wee wonderfuls

Hi all! So… what’s everyone sewing this holiday?! I have started on a number of projects to bring handmade dolls & patterns to the site and the shop and I’m hoping I’m on the right path but please let me know if there’s something else you’re interested in!

doll knitting patterns at wee wonderfuls

I will have the cardigan and overalls outfit ready for Make-along next week and am hoping to squeeze in one more before Christmas. I was thinking a fancy dress up outfit but … More


I love the holiday house. We put everything up the weekend after Thanksgiving so it’s up for as long as possible. We’re pretty much at capacity in our tiny ranch house but a few new things squeezed in this year. I fell in love with this super glittery snowman and couldn’t resist.

And this is my new ornament this year, from Martha Stewart for Macys. Peppermint baby!

And here are some of the usual suspects.

oh, and here’s a picture … More

this year’s purple hat

it's this pattern here, with a pom, knit in saphira yarn. I know it's an adult pattern but I think my yarn wasn't as bulky so it seems to have worked out okay. it's sort of a slouchy beret thing on Phoebe instead of a more fitted hat like it's supposed to be. I wish someone would write a knitting pattern book of all hat patterns for kids done in bulky yarns. that's all I ever want to … More

my knitty kate kitty

I made this very round, super-cute kitty as a new baby present for a friend and I just can’t part with her. I’m so stressy and anxious lately (b/c of current affairs, nothing personal) and every time I look at my knitty kitty I smile so I’m keeping her around for hugging and comfort. She’s made from jess hutch’s brilliant kate kitty pattern on knitty. I highly recommend you make yourself one if you need a huggy buddy.

ok, … More