Phoebe’s book bag

Phoebe got a sewing machine for her 8th birthday last week. She's been sewing lots of practice swatches and made a cute little quilt for her doll. Today we made a book bag. We're headed over to the library to get her first library card so she decided she needed a pocket to hold her library card and that it should be a sun. Zippers as straps was a co-decision, mostly hers because she dug them out. The fabric choice … More


Hello hello, how are you blogaudience?! I am very happy. Halloween is OVER! And I’m not a hater, but I am so relieved. There is something about the day after Halloween that feels like the end of a marathon. I don’t know if it’s the back to school busyness, that goes into Fall sports/activities crazytown, right into PTA nuttiness, followed by autumn splendor mania, and then the trifecta of parade/party/trick or treating but after it’s over I am so relieved. … More

new outfit for Zoe

Today Phoebe made some new green shoes, floral skirt and ballerina headband for her doll. She cut out the felt shoes and hand sewed them together. She pushed the gas on the sewing machine while we sewed the skirt and threaded the elastic through the waistband with a safety pin. And she measured out the ribbon for the headband. She’s working on a drawing for a friend for Zoe now. I’ve fallen so out of habit with crafting with the … More

party crafts

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions for party crafts! Lots of great ideas here and lots Oscar and I are going to try out on his week off from school. We decided our project list now it's time to make a shopping list. I'm hoping to get everything ready and packed up next week so I can move on to other holiday (& birthday) activities. I skipped projects with too much glue and everything with frosting. And anything too complicated … More

stick it on the sticky side

Phoebe took the cutest little toddler class this Spring — play with toys, storytime, ring around the rosie, wheels on the bus, etc — but the highlight were the super fun crafts the teacher came up with for the kids each week. This was the last project and I thought it was just so clever I had to share. She cut a butterfly outline out of cardstock and glued it onto clear contact paper. The kids were given cut out … More