party crafts

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions for party crafts! Lots of great ideas here and lots Oscar and I are going to try out on his week off from school. We decided our project list now it's time to make a shopping list. I'm hoping to get everything ready and packed up next week so I can move on to other holiday (& birthday) activities. I skipped projects with too much glue and everything with frosting. And anything too complicated … More

stick it on the sticky side

Phoebe took the cutest little toddler class this Spring — play with toys, storytime, ring around the rosie, wheels on the bus, etc — but the highlight were the super fun crafts the teacher came up with for the kids each week. This was the last project and I thought it was just so clever I had to share. She cut a butterfly outline out of cardstock and glued it onto clear contact paper. The kids were given cut out … More


Oscar’s been bringing home some really neat drawings from free time at school. Dot-a-dots he calls them. (he never bought into the dot-TO-dot terminology) He stamps dots with a q-tip and a stamp pad and then connects with his pencil. I love them! Totally want to frame them.

Then I saw this canvas bag on sale at Target and thought, a-ha!

Oscar was happy to oblige and now I have my very own dot-a-dot bag. I love it!


thanksgiving crafts

Oscar went from naysayer to convert. It’s like Halloween never existed. He’s so gung ho crafty these days I can barely keep up. I’m actually a little scared of the Christmas season.

pinecone turkeys (via martha)

pipe cleaner turkey

paper crafted first thanksgiving (everything but the teepee is from toymaker)

and don’t worry. if you’re thinking “but I need to see more turkeys!” — which I know you are — there are more to come!


oscar’s stuffed hand turkey

kids thanksgiving craft stuffed hand turkey
Oscar’s stuffed hand turkey. Thanks Marigold for the link and thanks to Bella Dia for the cute idea! I traced Oscar’s hand on fabric and he sewed it up all by himself. His first sewing project! He had such fun stitching it up and has been begging me all day to do more sewing. Thanks for all the fun crafts suggestions. We’ve got a full project to-do list now. Thanksgiving is making a comeback.… More

my heart grew two sizes

Remarkably, despite the negative degree temps, I’m in a much more holidayish mood this week. My new and improved spirit is due to some amazing customer service (will spill the details after the holidays), a few holiday successes and some super fun holiday parties with good friends. Add to that my handmade gifts being nearly finished and ready to ship out and I’m one cheerful elf today!

These are the last guys to be packed up. They’re bookmarks made from … More

dress up

I made a felt crown for Phoebe for Christmas. I doubt she’ll like it half as much as her daddy’s stinky winter hat that she likes to parade around in, but I’m giving it a shot. I’m feeling pretty good about my handmade holiday list so far. Of course this is before I’ve tackled what the boy has on his dress up wish list, much more challenging than a felt crown.

There’s a fun handmade holiday giveaway over at STC … More