last minute gift idea

wee wonderfuls make-along doll sewing pattern subscription
We’re on pattern number 10 of 12 of the Make-Along subscription, which is a nice stack of patterns. If you have a printer you can print the PDFs out on card stock to make a lovely gift for the crafty person on your list. And then as a fun bonus to the gift they’ll get two more patterns emailed to them.đź‘Ź If you’re buying as a gift just leave a note on the order and I’ll put the recipient’s name … More

holiday making & wee wonderfuls patterns

makealong dolls and sweater patterns at wee wonderfuls

Hi all! So… what’s everyone sewing this holiday?! I have started on a number of projects to bring handmade dolls & patterns to the site and the shop and I’m hoping I’m on the right path but please let me know if there’s something else you’re interested in!

doll knitting patterns at wee wonderfuls

I will have the cardigan and overalls outfit ready for Make-along next week and am hoping to squeeze in one more before Christmas. I was thinking a fancy dress up outfit but … More

kitchen gnomes dish towels embroidery patterns

This is the embroidery homework I was talking about after Christmas. My pattern distributor, Brewer Sewing Supply asked me to come up with an embroidery design that they could offer as patterns and kits. They suggested dish towels and I thought that'd be a fun challenge, that is until I drew a complete blank. I couldn't decide if it needed to be something kitchen themed or if it could be just anything. And the size and detail were tough to … More

fun with pipecleaners

More ornaments for the handmade tree this year…

Another I saw it in a store and tried it myself ornament. I made this snowflake from white pipe cleaners and then soaked it in tea after. Nowhere as fluffy as the original - which I'm kicking myself for not buying -but still cute.

Phoebe's pom and pipe cleaner cupcake. Meant to be a pom covered ball but we ran out of poms so we cut the styrofoam ball in half and made … More

gaudy awesome

I love ornaments. And most all of our favorites are made by Seasons of Cannon Falls. You see them at shops but they are near impossible to find online. I saw this very sparkly, very 50s, repro ornament at the shops the other day. I nearly bought but realized I had all the stuff on hand. So a bad of mini balls, some super stiff felt, spangly trim and glue gun later, ta da…

Isn't she a beaut?! 

Hope you're … More