ed emberley

The very last thing I should be spending my money on is more fabric but I couldn't help myself, Ed Emberley! (bought from feltcafe) I've already thought of an idea for a project though so that makes me feel better. A new pillowcase for Oscar's bed. I've got another project in mind for his bed. And Phoebe's too. I'm hoping there will be some quilting in my near future.


new to me

Tim and I always drive by estate sales and sigh a wistful sigh and then just keep driving because we have the kids in tow. That kind of sale is way too cut throat to bring a 2 and 5 year old into. But this weekend we saw one that didn't look too crowded and we were feeling brave so we stopped and I'm so glad we did.

I go through these stages where I'm all purge purge purge and … More

fq’s and a boy!

When Kristin at Sew Mama Sew asked me to do a fat quarter pack for them I was so so excited. I’ve realized that this just might be my favorite thing to do – putting together piles of fabric! Of course this is a virtual pile but it was just as fun. I so love making project piles… picking colors, matching up prints, imagining how it’ll all go together. I think I may need to revise my career goals with … More


handmade fairy doll

I’m thinking about Sugarplum Fairy Christmas cards this year. That’d be cute right? This gal is floating around in the craft room waiting for her partner Gum-Drop to be done at the salon.

handmade fairy doll

Speaking of waiting, this pile is waiting to become a couple of baby quilts but I’m not inspired. Seen any cute baby quilts lately?… More