Book Club Stitchettes in the shop

I always do as the librarian tells me and I had a few librarians asking for this pattern in the shop so… here it is! This is the first set of the Book Club Stitchettes, 3 designs. I have stetches for 2 or 3 more sets of three and then a plan for a quilt with all of them. I’ll be adding them to the shop as I finish them. It’s going to take some will power to wait to … More

Embroidery PDFs on the cheap

I’ve got some news for the stitchers out there. We’ve switched all our embroidery patterns over to quick and easy, handy dandy PDFs and slashed prices… $5 each for all but the Christmas Wishes. Also there is a 4 for the price of 3 deal for all 4 Season Stitchettes and all 4 Fairy Stitchettes. If you want to buy 4 mix and matched for the price of 3, that’s cool too, send me an email.

If you’re interested in … More

Spring Cleaning Stitchette

Holy cow, it’s 59 degrees outside today. That’s almost sixty! Tim’s out there taking down the Christmas lights. It’s almost as if Spring is actually going to come. Maybe this explains the purging, sorting, straightening urges I’ve been having lately. It’s almost time for Spring cleaning! Here’s a freebie embroidery pattern to get you in the mood. You know, a little something to work on while we wait for Spring to actually arrive which here in Chicago will be another … More

Christmas Wishes embroidery patterns and quilt

Check out what I woke up to this morning… Oscar sitting under the
Christmas quilt I finished last night. He was flipping through one of
his toy catalogs. How appropriate is that! This little boy’s dream
bubbles didn’t make it into the quilt though. I’m not a talented enough
stitcher to embroider tiny little transformers or millenium falcons.

christmas quilt

So this is the Christmas quilt I made from the Christmas Wishes
embroideries. I’ll need to wait for a brighter day to … More

plans and stuff

I am slogging through the day so I’ll just be short & sweet and leave the elaborating for a more energetic day. I’ve finished designing the Christmas dream bubble embroidery series so I’m hoping that and the monkey pattern will be up in the shop as early as next week. Ok, I need to find that half-drunk cup of coffee from this morning and drink the other half!



Phoebe is very reluctant to talk to us. She seems to find it much more effective to communicate through funny faces and tumbling off furniture. She has however mastered 4 very important words: mama, dedede, ah-er (oscar) and dah-eeee (dolly).