Book Club Stitchettes #2 in the shop!

We've got the patterns for the second set of Book Club stitchettes up in the shop today. So the plan — there's always a plan — is to make 9 designs in all and do sew them altogether in a cool quilt for the kids. I've done 2 sets and was thinking we'd do this, if you've bought both sets, the third will be free. I'll also be writing up the directions for the quilt and have those available in … More

kitchen gnomes dish towels embroidery patterns

This is the embroidery homework I was talking about after Christmas. My pattern distributor, Brewer Sewing Supply asked me to come up with an embroidery design that they could offer as patterns and kits. They suggested dish towels and I thought that'd be a fun challenge, that is until I drew a complete blank. I couldn't decide if it needed to be something kitchen themed or if it could be just anything. And the size and detail were tough to … More

Book Club Stitchettes in the shop

I always do as the librarian tells me and I had a few librarians asking for this pattern in the shop so… here it is! This is the first set of the Book Club Stitchettes, 3 designs. I have stetches for 2 or 3 more sets of three and then a plan for a quilt with all of them. I’ll be adding them to the shop as I finish them. It’s going to take some will power to wait to … More