New Elsa doll pattern

Elsa doll sewing pattern

Elsa has a new look this year! I’ve had this pattern in my shop for over 10 years now and she’s definitely a favorite of mine. I remember when I first started designing dolls how I was obsessed with trying to get a nice round shape for a head from a 2D doll and the lightbulb I had when I decided to just make her 3D with a gusset, ha! I wanted a doll that had a few shortcuts … More

Elsa from my Elsa pattern

Little did I know when I named my doll pattern Elsa years ago that there would be such a popular Elsa on the scene. I figured it was time to make a version of my Elsa doll to match her famous name twin. I definitely couldn’t make the glamorous post-freak out version of Elsa in that bedazzled gown of hers so I tried to make the kid version of her. I had a tricky time finding the right materials. I … More

Kindness Elf from the Elsa sewing pattern

kindness elf handmade doll at wee wonderfuls

Have you seen the Kindness Elves floating around on facebook? It’s an idea from the Imagination Tree website for an alternative to Elf of the Shelf. The Kindness Elf promotes giving and kindness by bringing thoughtful heart shaped suggestions instead of mischief and reproachful glances like the typical Elf of the Shelf. I like it! Our Snowflake, of course, is very well behaved and doesn’t narc to Santa so she’s not in need of replacing but who couldn’t use … More

what’s new?

Lots of stuff! New site design & a new header (click on through and check it out), we’re now 3 columned and have a new list, “what we’re reading” that I’m going to try to update every few weeks. Also new is our logo! Our logo font was getting a bit over used so Tim made us one from scratch. It’s got a swoosh and everything! Also new, like I mentioned below are our new etsy shop and craft it … More