It’s been pretty hectic around here lately and I really need to be spending every free moment sewing, not typing so here’s a little teeny tiny something to sit on the blog until I have a sec to write a proper post or two. I’m bummed I don’t have time to really go into how cuckoo for re-ment I’ve become lately but I’m pretty sure you’ll see why from this pic. See others who are hooked.

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my friend jenny

Here’s Phoebe with the owner of the red shoe I posted the other day. I had to wait til they were both wearing their red shoes to snap a photo. I had My Friend Mandy when I was a girl and my Mom miraculously held on to her so I have her to hand down to Phoebe but I could not help myself from ebaying this Jenny doll for my dark haired girl. Phoebe loves her. She squeals when she … More

doll sized inspiration

I have no time to sew this week but am doing lots of doll clothes plotting. For inspiration I went over to my Mom’s and retrieved her box of old doll stuff. I love these original outfits for her Ginny dolls.

I pinned a few of my favorites up on the fabrics on my inspiration wall


doll list continued, All Mine!

Unlike lists one and two, the dolls on this list live at my house instead of on my wishlist. Making these lists has brought up the collector in me and I decided it was finally time to snatch up a wawaya creation for myself. I was so excited to get this wonderful wawaya mini in the mail. It’s so clever and so tiny. I love tiny.

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girl toys

When I was pregnant with Oscar and starting buying boy toys I enjoyed it immensely. Being one of two sisters I’d never known the joy of wheels and parking garages and trains. I got a little too into it and bought enough toys his first couple of years to last him his rest. It’s me, not him, in the checkout aisle at the grocery store suggesting we get just one more matchbox car.

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