I decorate the world with color

Ready for another rousing round of “I had that doll!!” I didn’t actually have this one, I was just a smidge (ahem) too old for this gal but I came across her on ebay and couldn’t resist. She’s actually pretty cute, look at her sweet face. And the crazy 80s-ness of her. So awesome! If you press her hand she says all sorts of totally rad stuff like “I live in rainbow land with the color kids”. And her puffy … More


Blythe has a new poncho thanks to the dolly dolly book and now she’s looking for a new adventure. And still a new name. I’m trying to think of something 70s that’s not Jennifer or Michelle.

Wait.. I got it, Mary Ann! Cassandra said Ginger and that got me thinking Gilligan’s Island and man, is this gal a Mary Ann or what?! Perfect. Now I just need to make her some short shorts. Thanks for all the great suggestions!… More

well hello 2009

I’ve been waiting for you for a looong time. Ring-a-ding-ding!! I’ve got plans for you, big ones. I’m going to unplug the wii iv, get these kids back to a normal routine, turn another year older and then I’m digging in. oh nine!

russian roly poly dollMore

under the tree

vintage holly hobbie doll

I try to justify these ebay purchases saying their for Phoebe, but really she’s much more interested in legos and transformers. Seems if it’s not Oscar’s she not interested. Oh well, more for me to play with on Christmas Day. above: Holly Hobbie and below: Tammy dolls (wait til you see all their outfits!)

vintage tammy dollMore


How could I resist this hair! This is the Pullip I had to have. And her original costume is amazing. I’ll have to take photos of her in all her splendor soon. Here she is in her new Fall Sugarmag outfit. A little more classic than her sister’s. She’s the Grace Kelly of the two. Maybe she’s the Blair and the Blythe is the Serena? Just not sure yet.

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