**update** The first batch is sold out now. We have a few more projects cued up for the printer but will reprint these again, within a month or so.

The Super X-Stitchettes are now up in the shop. And guess what, they're a printed actual real-life thing! Our delay in getting these out was that we wanted to (finally) try out
the new fancy printer we bought last year. And although it gave us our
share of headaches, as … More

Super Langs

Well we’ve regrouped and we’re more super than ever! Our powers? Can keep two kids entertained through a dreary snowy weekend. Able to clean up a flooded basement in 1 hour flat. (and learning a lesson while at it, never leave a pottytraining 2yo unattended) And the most important superpower of all — figuring out how to take time off to just hang out. Not the most glamorous superpowers but we’ll take em!

Oh! and check out these cutie super … More

for the backapackas

If I had a superhero power today it would be to create more time. I
barely had time to shoddily (sorry jen! I should have let you do it)
finish these up and now it’s time to pick up Phoebe. I keep thinking it’s lack of inspiration that’s stalling me out, but honestly, I think it’s the lack of free time to dig into a project.

I have some good inspiration pics to share later this week. Planning is better … More

today’s weather report

sunny with a high chance of optimism. I might even get some crafting done this weekend!

sing it sister!

again, questioning my yellow. popping enough on the linen? I hope so because I hate taking out cross stitches.

no decisions to make here. just pretty colors.



I sure had to restrain myself to not write a dorky post title today. So many goofy butter sayings popped into my head. If I had to pick a least favorite part of blogging it’d be the titles. I want to switch over to doing asterisks or something but that’d be so annoying when you’re looking through the archives. Anyhoo…

I finished up my cross stitch quartet! This weekend I picked up these frames at Ikea and I love them … More