New doll design idea number one, a folky pillow doll with towering hair. \ (•◡•) /

new wee wonderfuls doll design

I love this gal! This is my first shot at her and I have some tinkering to do and then some fun ideas for variations that are so super cute… in my head. Hopefully they’ll be work in real life. I love this flat pillow type doll. She’s stuffed super firm so she’s not about bending limbs. I love this type of doll for … More

clearing out space

New school year’s resolution, be back in this space! My poor neglected blog. If it was a physical object it’d be sitting in the corner next to my yoga mat. Both of which I’m determined to find time for this Fall. Right now I’m working on cleaning up my craft room. Or cleaning OUT is maybe a better term. I’m being buried under the clutter and chaos and need space to breath. I’d love to take every single thing out … More

craft room chaos

Okay, Miss Fox has an outfit I’m happy with, finally. I wanted something simple so after you’ve put the fox together you can whip out the dress super fast. I’m still fussing with the finishing. I tried to leave it frayed and unfinished but it’s bugging me. We’ll see. I’m going to take a stab at getting this pattern together this week and see if I can get it up & ready to go quickly.


But first of course … More

fine, stay naked

After a few tries at resizing my first, very cooperative fox, this guy/girl is at least finally together. But has absolutely nothing to wear. Pants didn’t seem right, wasn’t in a cape mood, sweater dress was a flop. She’s moving to the back of the line while I can regroup. Also I was going to make this fox into my next pattern for the shop but it’s tricky! Body is pretty straightforward but that head is a beast. I … More

amigurumi hybrid

Part amigurumi, part “crocheted ball”, part thrifted sweater vest. This guy was a little troublemaker! But in the end I’ll call him a success. I’ve started on a second and already I think it’s going more smoothly.