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It’s been hard getting back into the swing of work after the holidays this year. I had my birthday week of lunches out and then the kids had another 2 days off of school this week. But mostly, it’s that I can’t get out of my head. I’m reading too much news, I’m worrying too much. Well, I know I’m worrying the right amount but it’s still unproductive. So I’m going to try something new today, I’m not going to … More

New doll design idea number one, a folky pillow doll with towering hair. \ (•◡•) /

new wee wonderfuls doll design

I love this gal! This is my first shot at her and I have some tinkering to do and then some fun ideas for variations that are so super cute… in my head. Hopefully they’ll be work in real life. I love this flat pillow type doll. She’s stuffed super firm so she’s not about bending limbs. I love this type of doll for … More

sunny = spring


Right? Even if it's 30 something degrees and the tips of the trees are still covered in the ice that covered everything this morning. I'm so ready for Spring I'm ready to jump at anything. I was inspired to try the resale shop today and found gorgeous Easter dress and cutie rain coat for Phoebe. Let's do this!

crewcuts toddler dress

spring flower wreath

diy beaded braceletMore


I love the holiday house. We put everything up the weekend after Thanksgiving so it’s up for as long as possible. We’re pretty much at capacity in our tiny ranch house but a few new things squeezed in this year. I fell in love with this super glittery snowman and couldn’t resist.

And this is my new ornament this year, from Martha Stewart for Macys. Peppermint baby!

And here are some of the usual suspects.

oh, and here’s a picture … More

really, I had no other choice

Honk if you love vintage fabric!

I was remembering the other day when I was having my fabric shortage troubles, that the reason I started making toys was because of the nature of my fabric collection. I’d been thrifting fabric for years for my vintage clothing shop and had amassed a collection of cute but unruly fabric…scraps, pieces cut out from clothes, aprons and scarfs, sheets and pillowcases, just a lot of bits and pieces. So when I sat down … More