last minute gift idea

wee wonderfuls make-along doll sewing pattern subscription
We’re on pattern number 10 of 12 of the Make-Along subscription, which is a nice stack of patterns. If you have a printer you can print the PDFs out on card stock to make a lovely gift for the crafty person on your list. And then as a fun bonus to the gift they’ll get two more patterns emailed to them.👏 If you’re buying as a gift just leave a note on the order and I’ll put the recipient’s name … More


The gingerbread house was made. And I swore considerably less than last year which was my goal. Love this roof! All Oscar's idea. Here's a pic from the front.

My sister brought us do-it-yourself diorama ornaments from Paper Source and we got to go crazy with glitter. Finished pic here.

The caramel corn is made and tinned and is, as advertised, crazy good.

All my presents are wrapped, my handmade gifts (all two of them) are on track for being … More


We've been making candy ornaments for our kitchen tree. We have a big sticky bag of candy from the drugstore that comes out at least once a day. We've made robots and bunnies, snails and santas. Also finished up a gumdrop tree (with toothpicks) and a peppermint tree (with hot glue gun). Those were Mommy projects. Now we're on to wreath wrapping and pinecones. And I so want to try these cone puppets. I spent a lot of time … More

actually having a grinch day

Christmas decorations

I’m going to go ahead with the full-of-holiday-spirit post I had going for today instead of going on a crazyperson I hate winter rant about boots and frozen pipes and sheets of ice for roads and parka hoods that get tangled in bag straps and try to put you out of your misery by hanging you on the minivan door. Nope. Instead it’s all cheery. It’s all good. Dream of a white christmas. Snow is your fluffy happy friend. And … More