Here’s How and When

Things are really chugging along here in organization land. I think the rest of the family is ready to be done with my sort and discard craze but it feels sooo good to finally go through stuff. It's addictive. I've been through all our clothes, the kids clothes, the kids toys, started on the basement and have gotten a good jump on the craft room. The wood paneled family room is now cottonball white and so beautiful we're kicking ourselves … More


I'm embarrassed to admit this.. I haven't been to one garage sale yet this season. I have excuses — rain, soccer, etc — but really I've just be so disappointed in garage sales out here that I barely have the energy to try. Luckily my sister is still on the chase and she'll pick up the things for me that seem "hillary" to her. Thanks KT!

I love these two!Reminds me of my two (on a good day).


adrienne adams

Back to my library books. As so often happens, a post over at doe-c-doe inspired a library/ebay search of a new-to-me childrens book illustrator. This time it was Adrienne Adams. Boy, do I love her work. I checked out every Adrienne Adams book the library had and there’s not one disappointment in there. My very favorite though has to be The Easter Egg Artists, about a family of bunny artists whose son Orson decides he wants to follow in … More

All Kinds of Signs

I was very excited about this book in the stack because it was illustrated by Trina Schart who I absolutely love! We have a golden book illustrated by her, Bow Wow! Meow! and it’s one of our favorites.

now this is a sign I’d definitely stop for!

I love illustrations of grocery stores in kids’ books. All the bins neatly filled with all the pretty colors. I should try to remember to snap photos of them when I come across … More