a woodland elf

handmade elf doll at wee wonderfuls

I tried to jam a bunch of new ideas into this doll. Only a few took. The yarn hair in different V layer cuts… it’s there but it’s not as visually obvious as I was hoping for. I think it’s because the alpaca yarn I used is too smooth, not fuzzy/dense enough to fill in and create clear layers. Using the gorgeous embroidery from a thrifted Indian top to make a quick dress worked pretty well. As her dress stands now it’s more of an art doll dress instead of a dress up doll dress, ie it’s not coming off. But I could finish the neckline differently and add a closure in the back.

adding beading detail to handmade doll

The two things that I love how they turned out are the beading I added to the waistband of the dress and the matching beading sewn right to doll’s head for the headband. Again, these make Miss Elf more of a shelf doll than a doll for play. I really enjoyed the beading though. I would love to do more dolls with beading added to their yarn hair-dos. I still have a few ideas for her accessories, boots and a knit wrap. I found this amazing wood vine looking floral wire at the craft store that I really want to use somehow. Once I started with the sequins and beads I abandoned the more forest-vibe though. Might need to start another elvish girl! Phoebe just finished reading the Hobbit and is very encouraging of my elven plans.

handmade elf doll at wee wonderfuls

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