spring breaking

How is Spring treating everyone?! We just got back from our first ever official family Spring Break trip. So exciting for the homebody Langs. We took an epic road trip to the Southwest to visit family and it was a wonderful time. The kids are the perfect ages for road trips it seems. They didn’t moan or groan or complain once! I’m excited to start planning our next adventure.

I’m realizing as I download photos from the camera how out of touch I am with my Project Life journaling now that I’m back into dollmaking full force. And how much it really affects how I take photos, which is a drag. I had every moment, every meal, every shop sign documented in the past and now I just have broad strokes photos. And I thought I was taking so many! Also I’m realizing an unexpected side effect, when we got new phones I got the giant one, the iphone 6S, so that I could see the screen better. I was doing so much on instagram and wanted more screen so I went for the giant phone. And as a result, I take less photos. It’s so dang big and unwieldy that it’s impossible to snap pics with one hand, too big to keep in my pocket so I don’t always have it handy and have to dig it out of my purse. So interesting how these changes have had effects I hadn’t considered. I also got more memory on my phone and now I can take one gazillion photos without needing to delete any. So now I’m paying more to hold onto thousands of junky photos and I’m not taking the time to delete all the garbage. I need to be more mindful and readjust. I need to use that space to take more videos, which I always forget to do. And force myself to take daily life pics, even if mundane. That was the most wonderful lesson I learned from Project Life, to capture all the small details. I know those are the ones that will be most interesting to me down the road.

So I feel okay about how many of the big moments I captured. It was amazing discovering, along with the kids, so many parts of the country we’d never seen… Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, White Sands NM, the Rocky Mountains.




And I did manage to catch a few smaller moments… Oscar’s star wars game that passes time in restaurants, In-n-out Burger in the car.


And of course flowers, always flowers 🙂


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