3 thoughts on “St Patrick’s day giveaway

  1. Meagan says:

    I am so in love with your dolls! I saw some precious hand-made dolls on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’m due with my first girl in July, so obviously I had to learn now to make them. I searched all over for a pattern I loved and ended up buying one that I thought I could turn into something I loved… But then I saw your Elsa doll in a Land of Nod email I got – it was just in a shot of a crib and I became obsessed looking for it. I’m so pleased to find the pattern on this site! And the fox pattern looks like it belongs in my collection, too. Oh goodness, I can’t gush enough. Your yarn hair is super impressive, too. I’m thinking of doing fleece hair for my baby and graduating to yarn hair when she’s a big older.

    • Hillary says:

      Hi Meagan, congratulations! Getting ready for a new baby is such a fun and exciting time!

      Fleece hair would be very cute. One thing you could try would be to make sort of a fleece hair wig sort of following the idea of the cap pattern that’s included with Elsa. You could sort of draw bangs on the front section of the cap. Sort of like Olive/Archie’s (in the shop) hair. You could make little flaps/loops at the bottom for little curls. More baby friendly than yarn hair. Email me if you need any help with anything, hillarylang@gmail.com. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t have the email server set up on the site yet so I have to remember to come over and check for comments, doh.

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