Spring Fairy and Pink Bunny

Finally a new website! We’re just at bare bones here but I’m excited to have a new non-typepad space for my blog. 12  years I was on typepad. And that was many more years than I wanted to be there. Now that this space is all fresh and clean I’m hoping to update it with more content, tutorials, dollmaking tips, etc. I’ve always wanted to do that but never had the patience or the time to make them as nice and polished as the rest of the internet. I have tips slapdash throughout the blog but it’d be nice to have them all tidy and organized in one section. If you have suggestions/requests let me know! I also want to do more doll stories like the Olive & Archie make-a-long story. Now that the weather is warming up the dolls are itching to get outside 🙂

So excited for this new space! Thanks for visiting!

6 thoughts on “new!

  1. Jub says:

    (Hi ! it doesn’t seems that I can add this new blog to my RSS feed, like for the old one, it says that there is no feed found… can you check if there is something wrong on the new blog ? Thanks, because I like very much to be able to see when there is a new post)

  2. Jub says:

    Thank you for your help with the good link, I was able to catch it with Feedly today. Was it the case for you too, Hillary ?

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