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Here's the woodland elf I mentioned yesterday. I love her pointy ears and elfy eyes. Her hair turned out awesome. I used two yarns again. The amount of time I spent yesterday standing in the yarn aisles of Michaels and Joanns attests to how much I like this look. Of course, two stores, and too much time later, I only found one skein that worked with the 3 samples I'd brought with me. Yarn has always been so difficult for me. I can never seem to get my yarn choices right. The yarns I'm drawn to (stupid beautiful variegated yarn balls) are never right for the projects I want to make. And being on a budget, I'm never happy with my choices. I think that's why I enjoy using yarn as doll hair so much, you only need one ball of it and no constraints of fiber content or yarn. But even then I'm paralyzed with doubt and indecision. 

One thing I can be sure will be on all my dolls is a smile. I can't not do it. Before she had a face, just pin markers for eyes, she was looking pretty fierce. An elf warrior sort of creature. But then this amazing floral print that I've loved hard for over 10 years now matched her hair perfectly and she needed a sweet renfair top under her vest/cloak thing. And then I just sewed on a smile. I tried a more severe little scowl, nope. At the end I want my creations to be happy and smile back at me. I'm a sap.

elf hair

After sweating it out looking for yarn I did a little retail therapy at the Savers, aka world's most expensive thrift store. These few choices fit my budget and need… liberty-esque print blouse, woolen scarf, huge mens wool  LLBean sweater that I'm hoping to make mittens out of (and have leftovers for some spotted toy) and a nice tweed jacket on super sale. I've been hoarding tweed. Not sure what to make of them. I always think in the store, oh I'll make a teddy bear, then get home and realize I don't love tweed bears.  Deer! I'll make more deer with the tweeds. For my etsy shop! I get so excited when my brain actually works.



And a little bird tin plate came home with me too, totally necessary.

 thrifted: bird tin

4 thoughts on “woodland elf

  1. monica says:

    i think the smile give her a mischievious twinkle. Like she could zap you with your elf powers, but since you gave her a cookie one your little bird plate, she’ll leave you alone. Youre cool

  2. Jody says:

    Oh, I think your woodland elf is spectacular. The hair is great!
    I like the fabrics you chose from the thrift shop too. I just love those Liberty cottons, but can’t put down that much ca$h for them. I saw a blouse on my grocery store checker and told her how much I loved the print — Liberty-esque as you say! (It was a Kmart special).

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