printed patterns on etsy

As I’m slowly waking up from the fog and trying to get wee wonderfuls chugging again, I realized I’m sitting on leftover stock of some beautifully printed patterns from before I went to all PDF. I’ve put the patterns below up in my etsy shop. If you want the PDFs, the shop on my site is the place to get them. The PDFs on etsy are more because of the fee. Soon I will have my new beautiful wordpress site and my world will make sense, until then, here’s the link to the printed patterns.

I hope everyone’s having fun starting on their handmade gifts for this year! I’m online trying to find the cheapest place to find all the video games my kids want. Maybe I’ll crochet them little video game cozies. Or maybe I’ll just make things for myself this year. That sounds like a brilliant plan!

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