not at all making a mess

Ok, I'm on the other side of my annual Thanksgiving breakdown. I don't want to alienate anyone so I save the special joy of listening to my rant for my dear, poor children and husband. I will just focus on the parts of Thanksgiving that I enjoy. I like watching cranberries burst in the pan with the kids. That part is fun. And ignoring prep and trying to focus on things I actually enjoy is fun too, like hanging out with my kids home from school all week and working on projects. And I'm totally not stressing that all the games and origami and art supplies and non-tgiving cooking are making a mess that I need to clean up to get this turkey thing going.

Hoping to have these guys all up in the shop by this weekend!




2 thoughts on “not at all making a mess

  1. Denise says:

    I know! What’s with this having to eat on the days leading to the “feast”? Popping cranberries ARE fun! Hang in there, sister. I will if you will.

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