Monday to-do’s

I mixed two yarns for this girl's hair and I LOVE how it turned out. I have two more Kit, Chloe and Louise dolls ready for hair but now I need to hit the yarn store first and see if I can find cute yarn to go with these colors I'd picked out.

Loving the mixed yarn on this girl's hair 🙆💕Need to hit the store to find pairs for these other balls of yarn hair

I made a sparkly deer. Oh, I love her. She's so cute and just how I was picturing her. I made her from a tiny glittery tweed J.Crew miniskirt I found at the thrift store. She's a tiny bit on the backburner because she's got more of a holiday vibe going and I have more Fall coziness themed stuff that I want to get done. Like a woodland elf I just started. And I was going to try a chipmunk friend for miss mouse. 

For those waiting for the fox pattern, things are looking good! I think she'll be done much sooner than I thought. 

Letting Miss Deer run free before I dress her up in party clothes tomorrow.

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