flapper girl

My doll outfit inspiration board on pinterest is filled with 1920s inspiration lately. I love the bobs and the big bows and the loose dresses. I’m headed to the library to check out some books for more inspiration. If I can ever finish spitting out this one paragraph blog post!

I’m trying very hard to stay inspired and stay positive this week. I’m sure everyone is in that same boat lately. And the holidays bring everything into such sharp focus. I liked this letter from uppercase magazine in my inbox the other day. I’m so filled with self doubt about what I’m doing spending my days sewing toys. I found this a little reassuring.

6 thoughts on “flapper girl

  1. Susan says:

    This little lady is delightful. The glimpses you share of your world brighten my day. You days spent sewing toys bring joy to so many. Surely that’s a worthy calling.

  2. Jody says:

    I like her. Te eyes are different from many of your dolls.
    I liked the article too. I’ve been busy sewing up a quilt for my newest grandbaby and then fiddling with felt birds. I just want to.

  3. RLC says:

    She’s really sweet. I’m excited to find another soul who shares my love of 1920s children’s clothes. There’s something about the drop waisted dresses and the hats and the bows… I could go on. 🙂 If you have never seen them, the French magazine La Semaine de Suzette produced sewing patterns for dolls all through the 1920s. Wonderful period patterns for children’s garments and worth tracking down. 🙂

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