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The family was making fun of me for waxing so many fall leaves but they are endless source of entertainment for me

I'm channeling my manic dollmaking energy. I wasn't sure what my plans were for this holiday season but I'm having so much fun toy-making recently and finding loads of inspiration so I'm going for it and am going to stock my etsy shop with some toys this year! Oh my gosh, I cannot type words. I keep listing what I'm hoping to make and then delete delete delete. I am a commitment phobe today! How about I just show photos.

A Highland Princess, finished from the abandoned doll shelf.

Finished it!



And this pile represents the huge bag of thrifted items I brought home to make into more toys. I've promised myself no more trips until I get through these!


6 thoughts on “etsy plans

  1. Aimee says:

    So exciting! I hope the inspiration takes you towards a boy doll! I’ve been looking for an awesome handmade little guy for my little guy!

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