all dressed up

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Ours was soggy and rainy, per Chicago regulation. Honestly I don't even mind. I can't imagine how much candy the kids would bring in if crappy weather wasn't slowing them down! Phoebe was a goth fairy, most excited about the make up, and Oscar was scary pumpkin mask bought at last minute. It was definitely a last minute holiday for us (except Phoebe who was ready weeks ago), pumpkins bought at 4:59 before place closed at 5, candy bought day of, Tim was finishing up pumpkins as trick or treaters were coming to the door. But we pulled it out and fun was had by all!

Everyone on facebook is joking… now today, it's Christmas.. haha. What haha? YOU BET IT IS! Especially for us holiday makers. Today I start my who's getting what handmade gifts list, and get to work!

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