fine, stay naked

After a few tries at resizing my first, very cooperative fox, this guy/girl is at least finally together. But has absolutely nothing to wear. Pants didn’t seem right, wasn’t in a cape mood, sweater dress was a flop. She’s moving to the back of the line while I can regroup. Also I was going to make this fox into my next pattern for the shop but it’s tricky! Body is pretty straightforward but that head is a beast. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just make a few for my etsy shop instead. So many decisions. Love her in this perfect foxy tweed from the thrifts. That’s probably only reason she’s not in my to-never-be-finished pile already.

7 thoughts on “fine, stay naked

  1. Anna says:

    Oh please, please, please don’t give up on the idea of making this pattern available in your shop! I’ve been been craving to sew a fox lately (weird sewing cravings = totally a thing) and yours is cuter than any I’ve seen. I would sew one in a heartbeat!

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