wooly fox

Making a fox has been on my to-do list for maybe 5 years now? I can’t kick the feeling that I did make this already?? It’s the giant tail. I for sure had a prototype going with a giant tail but I don’t think the final toy was never made. Tim thinks the tail is too big but I think it’s awesome. It’s definitely not a feature for a dress up doll but I just sewed it on there over her outfit. What’s a fox without a giant tail?

Here’s my pile of thrift that I used to make her, a merino wool sweater, a ginormous navy speckled sweater vest and a boy’s flannel shirt. I have lots of navy left and I think it may be a bear if I can find a good accent fabric.

Doesn’t she look like she’s headed to a football game? I very tempted to put a letter on that sweater.

17 thoughts on “wooly fox

  1. Lori says:

    I love her. So sweet and I love the big tail, though I get that it would be hard to dress over. Maybe if it’s not stuffed too firm you could squeeze it through a hole in the clothes? (Think really big button hole).

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