when you used to have to tear out magazine pages

Phoebe and I have been watching back seasons of Project Runway. It’s been a very interesting experience. In general we don’t watch much (any?) reality tv. Oh, we watched Master Chef Jr! And Oscar and Phoebe both loved it, which was mildly irritating because they’re still such picky eaters. But the nice thing about that show, aimed at kids, about kids, was there was no drama or fighting. So far we’ve been lucky with Project Runway. I think we picked pretty tame seasons to start with and when the drama does come up we try to make it an opportunity to talk about conflicts. How they’re all very tired and stressed and how you have to watch what you say because it can be taken the wrong way. And then we talk about how the show edits what happens to make it seem like much more of a big deal than it is. Ha! Bet you feel sorry for my kids now don’t ya? Watching tv with us doesn’t sound like much fun! But really, we’re loving the show. Watching the creative process, all the sewing, all the cool fashion moments. And we’re casting our votes for best and worst. Super fun! Especially the really out there stuff, the unconventional materials challenges, the giant puffy dresses made out of greeting cards or parachutes. Phoebe’s 8 yo fashion taste is awesome. The bigger and “fancier” something is the more she loves it, very haute couture. So, anyhoo, all to get to what I’m doing today. I dragged up from the basement all my old notebooks full of pages I’d pulled from fashion magazines over the years. You know, before pinterest. I was thinking Phoebe might find it fun to look through them and find her favorites. And I might take some pics of some of my favorites and add them to my pinterest boards so I couldn’t see them more often than almost never.

3 thoughts on “when you used to have to tear out magazine pages

  1. Jody says:

    I think it would be fun to watch TV with you girls. WAY better than just “zoning out” in front of the tube. You’re thinking!

  2. Kim says:

    You will love the Great British Sewing Bee and The Great British Bake-Off. All skill, no sleep deprivation, no trash-talking. A good opportunity for comparison with PR!

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