update on last year’s blankets

I made two new blankets last year, one knit and one crochet. This was the pattern for the knit one, the eleventh hour blanket. Of course I couldn’t afford the yarn Purl Bee recommended so I used this Red Heart yarn from JoAnns. (and I’m glad I did bc the review on purl bee for using that yarn aren’t so great, sheds like crazy) It was definitely fun to knit. I loved using the huge needles and watching this giant fat blanket emerge. I even enjoyed the attached i-cord after spending an entire day trying to figure it out. The blanket turned out nice although the woven in ends gave me trouble right from the start, wouldn’t stay hidden.

Hazel's turn with the eleventh hour blanket

This blanket is a family favorite but it makes me batty! Why is it so loved? Because it is the heaviest, coziest blanket imaginable. When you’re under it you can’t possibly be expected to move or get anything for yourself. It’s a cozy blanket prison. But besides functionally being awesome, it is a ratty mess. This yarn is pilling and the woven in ends never stay in. Now that it’s all ratty I don’t love the gray/putty color, although maybe that’d be the same no matter what color. Even using yarn on the inexpensive side, I still spent a TON on this blanket. If I won the yarn lottery I’d make it over is something super luxe and hope it held up better.


Last Fall I also made my first crocheted afghan. I used this pattern.

new hexie afghan

This blanket is really holding up well. It seems to get a little stretched out when it’s hung over the back of the sofa which makes me nervous so I’m constantly adjusting it so there’s no strain. And one of the hex’s has come undone. I almost came undone when I saw that until I realized how easy it will be to crochet it back in there. Love crochet! I still love the colors and I think it’s holding up very well, but to be fair it’s mostly decorative. When it’s chilly and we grab for blankets I take this one for myself so I can insure its safety.


I’m almost done with the Christmas version I making of this blanket. It’ll be ready for snuggling this winter and I’m super excited about it. I love adding blankets to our family’s collection but I really want them to be keepers. That’s why I’m so on the fence about that eleventh hour one. It’s totally going to be the ratty, terrible, handmade blanket that one of the kids will try to take with them into adulthood and their future spouses/roommates/children will be disgusted by!

11 thoughts on “update on last year’s blankets

  1. Jenn says:

    Have you tried sewing in the ends (tack them in with sewing thread) to see if that helps them stay put better? It’s a pain to do, but helps when I find I have cut my ends too short and they risk unravelling or when they keep wanting to work their way to the front!
    Sweater shavers run along the edge of the blanket will help with the look of the pills, even if doing the whole blanket would take too long- I like the pumice bricks (I don’t worry about them snagging and eating yarn) though electric ones also work well. I like the make blankets from recycled cashmere yarn, which tends to pill a bit and shaving helps a lot!

  2. Ivy says:

    Yeah, Purl Bee is like that. Like when you work out the cost it’s a $1000 dollar rug or $500 sweater or whatever.
    I want to make that giant blanket! I knit a lighter blanket in Red Heart that also looks like crap now. I’d love some suggestions for something that is midway between Red Heart and Cascade — that won’t put me in the poor house (where at least I’d be warm) but will hold up better.

  3. Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing the status of last year’s blankets. We tend to know our immediate satisfaction for things – but it’s really nice to know how products and materials will endure over time, and which ones are loved most and why. It is especially helpful when considering what yarns to use for gifts!
    What yarn(s) did you use on the hexagon afghan?

  4. Brooke says:

    I love the colors in your in-progress christmas blanket! It’s going to be so perfect. I have a chunky knit (not handmade) blanket and its also coming apart a bit. I moved it to my bed so it would be ‘safe’ :p

  5. Hillary Lang says:

    Kelly, that is a great question, for which I’m not sure I have a complete answer. I started that blanket as an experiment and was mostly using the yarn scraps I had in my bin. Then I bought some wool, ok, I found a photo of it. Andes wool from knit picks
    If I’m remembering right I felt like the weight on that was a little skimpy compared to what else I had going on and that’s when I added in Vicki Howell Sheepish and that’s what I really enjoyed working with. My whole Christmas afghan is in Sheepish. It has such a pretty sheen to it.

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