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thrifted bowl

Eight thrift store visits in past 4 days and all I've found was this ceramic bowl that I thought would be cute for succulents. And it is! Thanks Tim for planting them for me while I napped. I really didn't find anything else that tempted me. I snapped a few pics of things that caught my eye but there's no spot for in my home. I was thinking we'd really go for it and check out the Kane County flea market this weekend but it's just too beastly hot. Fall is coming, right? 

One thought on “thrifts 7, hillary 1

  1. Jen K. says:

    I love the idea of your “Passed by at the thrift shop” album. That way you still get to keep it in a way even if you didn’t buy it. Could also be a folder of regrets!

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