thrifted basket, part 2

Here’s the other basket I brought home from the thrifts last week. Cute right?! Definitely a score. So pleased. Although I may thriftgift (sorry, had to because it rhymes) it to my friend Cathy because honestly I have too much yarn for this sweet little basket. I need the giant ugly giant rubbermaid bin and also my tiny ranch house has no space for more things on the ground.

Ok, speaking of my tiny house. Who watches Fixer Upper on HGTV? I just discovered this show and what the heck. Do I need to move to Waco?! Their flea market farm house style isn’t exactly my style but I do love it. What I love most is you can buy a crappy house with good bones for so cheap and then they’ll fix it up to you. How does this work? Is their commission in that remodel cost? Who is buying all that furniture? And why do some of the people seem picky/crabby? They’ve won the frickin lottery! Chip and Joanna come in and make these amazing houses for them decorated to the nines and it seems like all they’re paying for is the labor and materials. Ah, the mysteries of reality tv. And why am I watching so much of it, the real mystery.

thrifted basket

cozy yarn

4 thoughts on “thrifted basket, part 2

  1. Jody says:

    I like your baskets.
    I watch Fixer Upper! In fact, I just watched to recorded shows this afternoon and thought the same thing….where are these kinds of thrift shops? Not where i live! I would just love for Chip and Joanna to come fixer-up, organize, and redecorate my house while I walked out for a few weeks. It appears that Joanna has a big shed or two or three with her stash of cool stuff. I don’t have that either. Ah well….we live in Realville, I guess.

  2. Anie says:

    Yes! I love this show as well. Waiting for the day when I can binge watch it-you are not alone. And yes, Joanna has several sheds of awesome-ness that she uses to decorate. The prices are insane for sure. Wonder what the weather is like out there 😉

  3. Susanna McClellan says:

    I love fixer upper too! But I like a little more color in my home than she usually does. Love your basket too! I always have bits and pieces of yarn that I keep, but need my dog and cat tk stay out – your basket is perfect flr that since it has a lid.

  4. erin says:

    I’m a Fixer Upper fanatic even though some of it is a little too farmhouse for me. My brother and sister-in-law were on Design on a Dime many years ago. It didn’t cost them a penny – the budget for fixing up their room was considered a show cost. I bet there is some of that working when it comes to the furniture, accessories, etc., on Fixer Upper.

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