and a bear

I made a deal with myself that I could buy thrifted woolens only if I used them right up and that I couldn’t move on to next pile until I’d done so. I made a little blue bear friend from the rest of this giant sweater vest. I wasn’t sure it’d felted up tight enough for stuffing but it did hold up well.

Now I can start on this pile! This crazy soft gray sweater had the tags ripped out but if felt like angora or cashmere, something super fuzzy soft. It felted up wonderfully and it was an XL sweater so now I have a LOT of very furry gray. I was thinking maybe some kitties. I also found a tweed skirt and a plaid mini skirt to go with the gray. I wish I had more color though. I really want to go back to thrift but am trying to be frugal.

I was good yesterday and confined spending to the farmers market and the health food store. And today I’m busy working my shift at the school library so that’ll keep me out of trouble. Tomorrow though? Friday is a perfect thrifting day! I should spend my day out walking or biking, collecting more wildflowers.

3 thoughts on “and a bear

  1. Aliso says:

    He’s a cutie! Brings back memories of my mom thrifting wool garments back in the day…she’d cut them into various sized blocks & make beautiful wool quilt tops out of them. She had piles & piles of wool blocks in her sewing room when I was a kid. She made quilts for all 5 of us, and most of the grandkids…now she makes them into small lapquilts for the elderly

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