Whenever anything is bugging me I can generally boil it down to my impatience. If not my worst trait, at least in the top 5. Things I’m impatient with today… I’m trying to learn now to make a weaving fiber art wall hanging thing. I’m not sure I really even want one on my wall as decor but every one I see on pinterest I love. I can’t figure out how to line up sections with different weight yarn but am too impatient to look it up. 


And obviously too impatient to move to better light for my photo. 

Also impatient with back to school. Kids are in day 3 now. That dumb week leading up to first day of school is like the longest week of the year. The time just stretches out. 72 hour days. And now that they’re in school, do something! It’s all crafts and get to you know and bring in supplies and parent homework like baby photos. Even for my new middle schooler! Holy crap. Just bring home a book and a syllabus and frickin learn something already! They are so lucky I am too IMPATIENT to be a homeschooler.

Also impatient for Fall. We had 2 amazingly beautiful cool days and now it’s warm again and I’m realizing how much I’m ready to turn the page. I want my coffee hot and pumpkiny instead of ice cold.

4 thoughts on “impatient

  1. Jody says:

    Cool weaving. I think you’re patient to even try it.
    We homeschooled our kids….everyday you learn something. Why not?

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