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When I first started scrapbooking/project life a few years ago I was super into the physicality and craft of it all. I’d never been a paper crafter and this was my first experience playing with stamps and pens and embellishments and I loved it, still do. But this Summer I started experimenting with digital scrapbooking and was instantly hooked. I think I’m doing what they’d call a hybrid now. I buy way too much cute stuff from the lily pad, add embellishments and journaling to the photos and then print them out and put them in the physical pocket folder sleeves. Things I love about this method…

I’ve always been bugged by my journaling on photographs. I don’t love the way my handwriting looks and I much prefer typing the journaling onto the photos. I was searching for a while for a typewriter but this is much easier.


I can scrapbook while away from my supplies, while watching tv or being on vacation. Also I feel like I can journal as I go more now than before. I can add journaling and embellishments quickly to a photo now while it’s fresh in my mind even if it won’t get to printing out and putting in an album for weeks. 


No shipping costs on products. Seems like such a little thing, but realizing that if I find something I like for $3 I can just paypal them $3. No $7 in shipping. No waiting til I have a full $25/30 worth of stuff I want to buy so I can press order button. I often have to wait so long to buy something that the season or mood has passed. Better for my checkbook, sure, but I spend a lot of time poring over items in scrapbooking shops and I want to get something when I’ll actually use it. This will save me money in long run, I think.


I can still use all my amassed Studio Calico journaling cards and all my papers & embellishments. And I still have my big heavy cumbersome albums that I love. Of course doing hybrid prevents me from printing journaling in slim photo books. But I’m actually glad of it. Flipping through those floppy pages and running my hands over the 3D elements just makes me very happy. On the other side of that, I LOVE having a copy of a photo with the journaling on it saved in my cloud with the original. If something ever did happen to my physical albums I’ll still have a great record of what I’d documented. 


I am pretty geeked out about embellishments that look 3D. I want to kick Tim off the desktop and spend some time in illustrator/photoshop trying to make things like that myself. So fun! Oh that reminds me, the reason I am able to do any of the digital scrapping at all is because of the awesome program Pixelmator. It opens photoshop files and pngs no problem, does layers and transparencies effortlessly. It works like magic. I love it!

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  1. Jen says:

    Love this post. Feeling the same way about the typing on the photographs. I realized that as much real handwriting makes something look more…authentic?, when somethings is typed, I am more inclined to actually read it again. That goes for Project Life as well as a regular journal. (Yay for Day One!)

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