can’t force it

The only creative, non-PTA, thing I've done in the past month was to work on a new design for Land of Nod. They wanted a new design, in a week, to match an inspiration board they'd put together. Normally I don't mind a theme or a general jumping off point but this one I could not make work for anything. I always try to make it work Tim Gunn style but this time I just threw in the towel and it felt pretty dang good. If I don't feel excited about a doll design how can I want to put it in a bunch of stores and ask other people to buy it. It's surprising to realize how often I need to remind myself of the most basic common sense facts. I get so caught up in the routine, the complications or details of a thing. I do that with parenting all the time, get myself to crazy point x, y, z when I just needed to get a to b. Kids fed? happy? done.

Anyway, if I have an idea I like then it works. For me. Might not be the bestseller of the world but I think it's cute and that's all I can do. Fairy Avery below, prototype then catalog shot. 

Prototype for my Land of Nod fairy



3 thoughts on “can’t force it

  1. Jody says:

    You’re right! Sometimes all you need to do is Point B and it is enough. But look! You’ve done B and made a darling fairy too! Well done!

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