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They all came down this weekend and then, it snowed! Finally we get our Christmas snow. I ran around and took a bunch of photos before it all came down. We had a very gray December so I didn't post a lot of festivness actually during the season. I know you're all drinking kale smoothies right now and not in holiday mood but just real quick…

This year I decided we were a little tree heavy upstairs and lacking in the basement so I repurposed the "handmade tree" (artificial tree we have up in the family room where we hang lots of handmade ornaments) into the "nerd tree" to go downstairs with work-from-home Tim and near Oscar's xbox station. We gathered all our nerdy sci fi/toy ornaments (mostly robots) and then bought a few more (video game/star wars). Excited to have another tree to collect for.


New to the tree this year were a little ceramic bear and a Suzy Ultman matryoshka doll from Crate and Barrel and this little felt sequined star from Macy's. I think that was it. I had my eye on a few other things but nothing made it til after xmas sales. I need to stop thinking that's going to work for me. There was a lot of cute stuff at Target that I didn't really need so I thought I'd pick up after holiday. All gone. And of course now I'm convinced I needed it!


The white bottle brush trees went up with the gingerbread houses again this year. I love the white against the white wall. The kids did a great job on the houses again this year and I'm still happy with my decision to never try to make gingerbread houses from scratch. The premade kits keep everyone happy.


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  1. stephanie says:

    This year, we bought gingerbread house cutters at Michaels and they made all the difference! I wish they weren’t as flimsy as they are but it made the whole process of homemade gingerbread house so much more manageable.

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