It is an overcast and drizzly day and I'm happy to be home crafting except that I'm too all over the place. I want to work on 20 things at once. And I have the wrong stuffing. And I just found two huge (blanket sized) pieces of beautiful wool in my basement fabric stash and now I need to make blankets out of them right now. How does one do that? I'm thinking plaid flannel, but quilted how to a wool backing? I need to research that. Also want to knit this doll I'm working on a dress. I need a cute doll dress pattern. And I picked up a 6×8 album for Phoebe to do her scrapbooking in while I'm working on mine but now I'm wondering if I should keep it and make it into a recipe book. I saw they had PL kit to make recipe book and can't decide if that's a great idea — spot for photos, cards behind plastic, lays flat — or a bad idea, too fussy?


I tried to shoot a video of myself stuffing this doll head. riveting stuff. but I can't deal with this stuffing so it's a no go.

4 thoughts on “thursday

  1. Makin' Projiks says:

    I sold a few vintage wool quilts last winter and they were essentially exactly what you described – wool on the front, flannel on the back, nothing in between (batting makes them way too heavy), regular quilt binding. If you used a plaid flannel you could just quilt along the plaid lines.

  2. christine capece says:

    I also wondered about the PL Recipe cards. I just bought the Daily Planner PL pages and a new smaller binder – for next year – or to organize my PL pages that I want to do. Can’t decide. The recipe pages are just so cute and paired with a red binder… hmmm. Michaels has 50% off this week. 🙂 Might just have to go for it…

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