making things is difficult

I spent maybe 2 hours yesterday afternoon, geez was it really that long, trying to figure out how to do an attached i-cord border to my knit afghan. I couldn't figure it out from the diagrams and written instructions so I went to youtube and started watching videos. Those sent me down some paths trying different methods, none of which I could get to work. I didn't have the correct needles and that wasn't helping anything. I think I've got it now but I had to order new needles and I'm pretty sure my yarn for the border is going to be wrong. 

All of this just to say that making things is difficult. I'm just putting that out in the universe this morning. Learning new skills, following patterns, improvising to make things work for you, all difficult. 

6 thoughts on “making things is difficult

  1. Rhonda says:

    Sometimes you just need interaction with a human to get something. Do you have a stitch and bitch in your area? Someone surely could help.

  2. Annie B says:

    There is a baby bonnet in the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson that has the easiest cord binding ever. You could easily adapt it for you blanket. Maybe knit the bonnet first for a practice run – it takes no time to knit up & you will have a nice gift for someone as well!

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