projects today

I am making a friend for Willow and a kitty friend for the two of them, Katie Kitty pattern from my book. Then I'm going to take this pile of fabric and make it into a flying geese quilt for them using this quilt from Anthropologie as inspiration. Done! It's noon. I'm sure I can finish that up by time kids get home from school. haha.


I was also goofing around with making a video of myself working on these toys. So far I have me narrating stuffing a doll arm. Thrilling stuff. Is there anything people would actually want to see video of? Not fancy produced how to videos but just as I'm making stuff and rambling videos.


15 thoughts on “projects today

  1. Kristin S. (Missenota) says:

    Yes to video! I’m ever curious about trimming and other tips for smooth curved seams and non-bunchy stuffing tips. Oh and yarn hair. A video would be nice for any of those as you can only get so much out of a paragraph. Did I mention, yes to video?! 🙂

  2. Krissy says:

    Yes!! The hair. And it seems like I always over stuff and then my seams start to come apart after a few months. Wouldn’t mind seeing the stuffing video so I could see the appropriate amount!

  3. christine capece says:

    Yes a video! I’d love to see a doll made from beginning to end. How cool would that be! And Hair. I always have trouble with hair. 🙂 You are so lovely to make a video. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us!

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