move those babies

I’m working on a new, very satisfying, project. Finally uploading the camcorder video from 2004-2007 onto the computer. It’s a fun time. The camcorder only plugs into the old defunct laptop that won’t find the network and has zero disk space because somehow the computer we used for 10 years ran on 25MB of hard drive or some such nonsense. I am doing my best to not cry that I didn’t have my trusty iPhone to capture every moment of Oscar & Phoebe’s babyhood. It’s ok. I have something at least. And one bazillion photos. It’ll be ok. I think I might make fancy baby books next. I didn’t really do that for either of them. That’s something I really wish I’d done in real time. Maybe between my blog and my emails, and we had an old family blog somewhere. Maybe I can cull all the info into a completely awesome baby book. Since it seems I sort of forgot to do that. I need to go research. Seen any amazing baby book projects out there?

Saving camcorder video today. How did we ever use this thing?! Worst video ever. KILLS me that I didn't have an iPhone from minute they were born. So close.

2 thoughts on “move those babies

  1. kiri says:

    I admire your fearlessness to tackle this project. I would be searching for a professional who could put the movies on a disk for me.

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