Things checked OFF my to-do list:

First year of PTA! One more to go.

Exploremore Day

dance recitals and events

2 soccer seasons

field trips & end of year parties

relearning how to ride our bikes


We are ready for Summer! I have a crazy long list of things I want to make. First I need to clean up the layer of PTA that's covering all my craft stuff. Then I'm going fabric shopping (hello cotton + steel!) and then printing my photos for Project Life May/June pages. Hope these kids are ready to be ignored! 

Cake pops for reading baseball party

Thank you Pinterest. Phoebe's birthday favors for her class


Last day of six



2 thoughts on “free!

  1. Wendy says:

    The end of the school year nearly does me in. Every year – and yet I’m still surprised at all that I have to get done/deal with like it didn’t happen 12 months ago.
    Glad you’re free for the summer and some crafting!

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