the rain already knocked these all down

They were so beautiful last weekend on mother's day. So glad we spent some time in the park by the library taking photos. I feel low grade anxiety for these 2 weeks Spring is really at it. Like I'm going to blink and miss it.

One thought on “the rain already knocked these all down

  1. Katielicht says:

    hey! i feel like it’s time for me to come out of blog lurking. I’ve read your blog off and on for years and have always adored your designs. i have a son entering kindergarten in the fall, and I kept seeing this name in school PTA stuff that seemed so familiar… “hillary lang, where do I know her from?” then I realized it’s YOU! I meant to introduce myself at the kindergarten meeting earlier this week, but didn’t get a chance. (though I did appreciate the nice design of the PTA flyer, I can always tell when something like that isn’t just done by a school secretary or someone with MS word. 😉 )
    ps, I was just at Adams park today and it’s already losing some of it’s springy-ness. i totally get that feeling about spring, too.

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