epiphany! maybe.

I'm standing in front of my fabric closet looking for something to make a quick bunny from. I have many choices. Lots of Springish choices. Lots of pinks, greens, yellows. And yet I can't find a single fabric I want to make a bunny from. I realize I'm ruling everything out because I've already made something from this or that fabric. And it can be 10 years ago I used it and still I don't want to use it again because I already did. Am I weirdo? I just donated a ton of old thrifted fabric that I was never going to use. Do I need to go through my "good" fabric too? Maybe if I weed out half of it and put it away in the attic for a while I’ll be inspired by what’s left.

14 thoughts on “epiphany! maybe.

  1. Christine says:

    Maybe you should have a giveaway with some fabric you don’t want…. 🙂 I love making your bunnies! With a new baby here for Easter, will have to make him one now too! And can’t wait to choose the fabric. Have fun sewing!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Perhaps you should gove yourself challenges that prompts you to use fabrics yu have already used in new combinations…
    …and if that still doesn’t help, well you have us, the volunteers. We are willing to sacrifice our cupboard space so you can get rid of some of those terrible fabrics that yu have already sewn with 😉

  3. K.G. says:

    Coming from a girl who loves to sew and craft, but with a very limited budget…you are SO lucky to have that stash. I hope you find new inspiration with your fabrics because there are SO many amazing things in there, even if you’ve used it already, even if you’ve used it 10 times!! Blessings and hugs to that stash!!

  4. Pamela says:

    A group of ladies and I make pillowcase dresses (from fabric and pillowcases) for little girls in Africa. I can just imagine all the adorable dresses that could be make with even part of your stash. contact me if you’d like to learn more, make some to donate, or donate some fabric to our cause. None the less…LOVE your stash. Maybe you should have a fabric sale. With some of the money you make, buy some items to help you organize your fabric. That’s what I did and it really helped to downsize. Now I can see what I have and actually use what I have (lol…some times) instead of buying more.

  5. Hillary Lang says:

    Hi Pamela, unfortunately my stash is all small pieces, 1/4 yards. And lots of irregular vintage pieces. Not enough to make any dresses from. I was collecting to make toys so only ever needed small pieces.

  6. Hillary Lang says:

    I have that problem on the other half of my closet where I keep the japanese fabric I’ve bought over the years and can’t seem to use at all. I don’t know what I’m saving it for. I still can’t get over how amazing the fabric available today is. I remember too well the years before craft explosion when there was nothing cute. I’m saving for a rainy day I guess

  7. Hillary Lang says:

    I’m not lucky, I’m broke! Haha. All the new fabric is still sitting on a credit card bill somewhere from my days of bad decisions. Lots is vintage though. I spent a good 10 years scouring thrift stores and garage sales. Still my favorite places to find fabric!

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