the day after tomorrow


We survived the polar vortex! We turned boiling water into snow, drank our weight in hot chocolate and passed another two whole days together in this house without killing each other. Now time to sit back and enjoy the decidedly above zero temps. Ah, lovely 11. Of course I'm still terrified to grocery shop or run any errands because our roads are covered in some sort of glacial compacted snow ice sheet, so I have a little time to craft. I made a dent in my ambitious goal to go back and make Project Life pages for all the kids' Christmases. So far I have 2008 & 2009 done. I'm going to finish 10-13 and then decide if I want to go back and do 03-07. I have many cute supplies. That's what keeps me going when tackling something this ambitious. If I spend all this money on cute paper and stickers then I have to actually do it, right? 


Also on deck, cross stitch! I've been working on little designs but have been having trouble making leeway  because I keep leaving the stitching til night. I need the full light of day to tackle these little stitches.



4 thoughts on “the day after tomorrow

  1. Nancy says:

    Me too ! Spend daylight doing whatever and then I want to sit and stitch after dinner and I can’t see! I do have a special craft light, but somehow sitting by a daylit window is MUCH better. Sigh.

  2. Christine says:

    I hope you’ll share some of your PL pages! I just recently got into Project Life and am tackling 2013. It’s such a great, creative project!

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