happy 2014!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break! Ours has been awesome. Every year I love post-Christmas more and more. For this mom, the morning after Christmas morning is the most magical. Everyone sleeps in, wakes up leisurely to play with toys and eat chocolate for breakfast while I sit and stare and mentally recuperate from the "magic of the season". And it lasts for days and days. Periodically I'll pick up a few things or toss some old cookies but other than that I've been contented and mostly in my pjs for a week now. Ah.

Only this morning did I stir a bit from my sloth to realize, oh! It's January today… need to start my new PL album this week! I still love my new scrapbooking habit. I've got all of 2013 journaled except for Christmas. I'm so excited to dig into all the Christmas stuff I've been ordering. I just need spine labels and title pages for these two and they're done! So satisfying. 


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