Dec 8, trip to the mall to see holiday splendor

Macys. Sigh. I am trying to be a big girl and not be sad every year that you're not Marshall Fields. But it's tough. You did have this cute cherry soda ornament for the kitchen tree, I'll give you that. 

And a visit to Land of Nod to see the wee wonderfuls in action.

Winx is like Phoebe, always an interesting hair day for her

2 thoughts on “Dec 8, trip to the mall to see holiday splendor

  1. Michelle K. says:

    I’ve been following your blog since Oscar was little and Phoebe was only dreamed of. Anyways, I was reading Little Baby Garvin’s blog and she got her little girl The Land of Nod This Little Piggy and I knew it was you! I’m so excited to see your work being picked up and spread around for others to enjoy!

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