**The Elsa Pattern**


I'm so excited to announce the New and Improved Elsa doll pattern is in the shop in time for holiday making! The Elise/Elsa Elf/Folkster pattern has been rebranded under one simple name and has new additions. The Elsa pattern is for the same cutie 16" doll but now she comes with instructions for quick-n-easy yarn hair, as well as a smaller variation for an 11" wee version. And she still has the Elf variation in both big and smaller size. This is my go-to doll pattern. She's the same design I use for my Land of Nod dolls. The same I used to make Clara and Pippi. The one I use to make dolls for the auctions at school. She's super flexible and lots of fun. She also fits into these cute pjs. Maybe it's because I've made her so many times but she does really come together quickly and stressfree which makes for a wonderful handmade gift for the holidays. The pattern is a PDF download and is $6.

If you've previously purchased the Elise/Elsa Elf pattern and would like the updated version just shoot me an email at hillarylang@gmail.com

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